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Try This Fun Scavenger Hunt In Newport Harbor

Newport Harbor, the largest recreational harbor on the U.S. west coast, is a semi-artificial harbor that was formed in the early 1900s. Originally a hub for maritime industries such as boatbuilding, shipbuilding, and commercial fishing, it is now mostly used as a popular destination for recreational activities such as sailing, ,rowing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and of course electric boating.

Newport Harbor Scavenger Hunt: Have fun while taking in the area

Many of Newport Beach’s great landmarks are in its historic harbor. Vision Electric Boat Rental’s scavenger hunt guides you through an immersive sightseeing adventure so that you don’t miss these landmarks while cruising the harbor.

Our scavenger hunt map provides a specific route to optimize your experience while looking for such famous sights as the sailing center landmark Lighthouse Cafe, the mini Statue of Liberty replica, and the historic Balboa Village Fun Zone ferris wheel.

Among the exciting sights to see are the beautiful waterfront homes, some of which are owned by and have been occupied by major celebrities and are on your scavenger hunt docket. One of the most prominent is the former home of beloved actress Shirley Temple. Known for her singing and dancing, she was crowned the first ever Miss Newport Beach at the age of 13.

Another Newport Beach staple, is the former estate of John Wayne, the Hollywood icon known for his Western and war movies. One of Wayne’s favorite possessions was his yacht named Wild Goose, which is still docked in Newport Harbor and was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2011. Wild Goose is also part of our scavenger hunt.

One of the most fun homes on the harbor is not a celebrity home. The Bear House, a two-story bayfront home owned by 30+ year bear collector Marcy Cook, displays more than 4,000 huge stuffed bears looking out of the windows.

The beautiful sights and homes are just a fraction of the excitement while traversing the harbor. Enjoy the scavenger hunt, but don’t forget to take in the beautiful mountains, the aquatic wildlife (sea lions, seagulls, and sometimes dolphins), and soak up the sun.

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