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Get To Know Our Electric Boats

As a Vision Electric Boat Rental’s customer, you may be well familiarized with our boats, but some of our customers often refer to our vessels as Duffy boats, which is incorrect. The term “Duffy”, which is ubiquitous in the electric boating community, refers to the boat manufacturer Duffy, not a type of boat. Much like Q-tip is not the product, but the brand that manufactures the product (cotton swabs).

Vision Electric Boat Rental is owned by Vision Marine Technologies, a Canadian based company which primarily focuses on developing environmentally friendly technologies for the future generation of electric boaters, as well as designing, building, and manufacturing electric boats.

For Vision Marine, going electric is not only an environmentally conscious choice, but a contribution to the fight against waterway pollution and a step towards the betterment of our aquatic ecosystem.

Vision Marine presently provides two different boat models showcased in the Newport Beach rental operation’s fleet. These two models, the Fantail 217 and Volt 180 both exhibit zero emissions, zero pollution, and are designed to foster a noiseless environment, thus moving away from yelling over loud gas motors, and inhaling strongly odored fossil fuels.

Vision Electric Boat Rental offers the most eco friendly boats on the harbor

Vision Marine’s boats use Lithium-ion batteries, a more environmentally friendly alternative to lead-acid batteries, which is used by our competitors Duffy or Electricraft. Lead acid batteries may sometimes leak acid and lead directly into waterways, which causes toxicity to the water and its ecosystem.

Furthermore, Lithium-ion batteries are also lighter in weight and smaller, while carrying a greater amount of energy density. To put it simply without getting too nerdy, this benefits the boat’s buoyancy and maneuverability, and allows for better performance and a smoother ride.

Get to know our Fantail 217 and Volt 180 models

The Fantail is approximately 21 feet long, and features a canopy for full shading. Many consider the Fantail to look similar to a Duffy, which is often where the misconceived title comes from. The Fantail’s design is inspired by the vaulted boats seen on the French Riviera in the late 1800’s.

The Volt is just under 18 feet long, with a slightly wider hull that can feel a tad roomier to some. This boat’s look can be described as sporty and fun, yet elegant. Rather than a canopy, the Volt has a bimini which can be taken off. This gives the captain and their guests the option to fully soak in the sun.

Both models come in a myriad of different color schemes, fit up to ten people, are dog friendly, and have a picnic table with wine glass holders in the middle, surround sound with bluetooth speakers, and luxuriously comfortable upholstery.

A Family Riding a Volt 180 in Balboa Bay, Vision Electric Boat Rental, Newport, California

Family riding a Volt 180 Electric Boat in Balboa Harbor
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