Spring Break: Make Southern California Your Destination!

Spring break doesn’t have to be about a mid-semester pause; it can be for anyone looking to unwind! Heading into spring, finals for classes are approaching, and large work projects are in full swing. Taking a week off for well-deserved TLC before coming back into the chaos of prepping for summer is necessary! If you’re not looking to travel far away, Southern California is a great place to find luxury, relaxation, and stunning views of the coast. There’s tons to do, and it doesn’t stop at cruising the harbor on an Electric Boat Rental!

Did you know the idea of a “spring break” originated in the early 20th century?

Primary schools and universities adopted an annual academic calendar in order to adhere to universal scheduling that included a week-long suspension of lessons come springtime. The actual reason for these scheduled breaks in the spring remains unknown to historians, but many likely attribute the break to the Easter holiday or the older agricultural practice of taking a break from planting to await a harvest in the early days of farming. Beginning in the 1930s, students attending schools in colder areas began taking scheduled trips to warmer weather to enjoy the sun and beach. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was actually the first popularized spring break destination! Over the course of the next three decades, California became the other most visited location as the break became more widely practiced among schools. After the media became involved and spring break festivals gained traction, the scheduled time off became a staple in American culture.

There’s a reason California became the place to put a hold on workloads and classes!

While SoCal isn’t quite a destination for spring break with a vibe like Miami or Cabo, it’s full of easy day trips and activities to appease friends or the entire family. Many residents and locals of the area stay in town to enjoy the amenities working full-time may not allow for, taking advantage of the amazing weather and vibrant marine life. Tide-pooling in Laguna Beach or whale-watching on your way to Catalina Island only scratches the surface of family-friendly activities. We’re also home to a plethora of restaurants, bars, great shopping experiences, and the best Electric Boat Rentals!

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